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Leighton J. Smith CGMA ACMA 

Founder & CEO/CFO

Leighton J. Smith is a start-up mentor, fractional CFO and board member. Not only is he an angel investor himself, but since 2015 he has helped start-ups optimize their financial operations and raise over $100 million. 

Leighton is an accomplished leader in the finance function. He is tenaciously performance-oriented with breadth and vision beyond the scope of core finance, enabling successful forays into the technology (primary author of an AI software patent), business development and sales areas. 

With international experience across 4 continents in multiple industries including Automobile, Technology, Software, Blockchain, Real Estate, Food & Beverage, Plant medicine and FinTech he was hand-selected to relocate to Silicon Valley as divisional CFO for a large German software company in 2014. As a 25 year blue-chip veteran, culminating in divisional, regional and Group CFO positions, he is seen as a trusted advisor by many business leaders. Leighton believes in business enablement and measured risk-taking, an unusual trait in the finance and accounting profession! He has helped countless successful entrepreneurs take their lives and businesses to the next level. In his new program, Leighton brings together some of the field’s most influential business experts, investors and start-up founders. 

Sharon Zehavi

Co-founder & CMO

Sharon Zehavi is an award-winning international speaker and branding & marketing strategist as well as a sales and presentation coach. She is the founder of “Sex Up Your Brand” and “360 Start-up Partners”. 


Sharon brings over 15 years of experience in marketing and advertising across the globe, starting in Israel, going through Europe, South Africa, and all the way to North America working on brands from all spheres, from multi-million dollar campaigns to impact-drive start-ups with not much more than a vision. She is a best-selling author, TV host, and a well-known female-empowerment keynote speaker. Sharon had the privilege to share a stage with celebrities like Brooke Shields, Vince Vaughn, Jason Alexander, Michael Douglas, Russell Peters, Jay Abraham, and more.

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Igor Z.

Senior Financial Analyst

Business development and research specialist. Experienced in financial analysis and modeling.

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Kate S.

Business Development

Marketing strategist with expertise across social media including content marketing, user experience, and conversion optimization. 


Phill K.

Sales Specialist

20+ year history of working on the frontline in the SaaS and IT sectors. Deep Channel and Direct Sales experience.



Bill S.

Financial Modeling

And Advisory 

25 years of experience in Financial Planning & Analysis, Accounting, Financial Systems & M&A/Transactions.


Davi R.

Equity Management

And Audit

Business analysis and operations, financial administration, sales, technical support, and customer service.


Tara M.

Payroll Solutions


More than 11 years of management and sales experience with strong analytical skills.

David Gilinsky.jpeg

David G.

CPA Services,

ERTC, R&D Tax Credits

CPA with a unique combination of Big 4 Public Accounting, Fortune 500 company finance and accounting.

Belinda S..jpeg

Belinda S.


Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payables, Billing, Reconciliations and Reports.


David W. 

Blockchain Advisor

Crypto-podcaster and fund manager, Blockchain Architector.

Edward Grenville.jpeg

Edward G.

Legal Services

Over 25 years of experience completing M&A and other business transactions.


Gretchen G.


Over 20 years of experience in broadcast and print journalism, she has taken her talents from network news, to local news and now PR.

Julie Armstrong

Aurelius Data

“Huge value. This replaces about three other people that you might need to pay full time on staff.”

David Werba

EverSmart City

“He has continued to network on our behalf and spread the word about our company. He's kind of a fractional CFO with benefits ”

James Moyo


“We’ve doubled our revenue year on year, we have raised a few millions and are now in the process of closing another million.”


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